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Valls d'Àneu

The Aneu Valleys are valleys bordering with the Aran Valley. Located in the borough of Alt Aneu, they are almost an extension of the Aranese lands, after crossing natural obstacles such as the Bonaigua Pass and the foothills of the National Park of Sant Maurici and Aigüestortes. The continuity in the landscape and their clearly Pyrenean character give these valleys their beautiful scenery.

The Aneu valleys offer a variety of treasures. Along with their physical charm and their unique landscape, there are other features worth mentioning. The cuisine, sports, art and culture have helped shape these valleys' unique character. Their closeness to theAran Valley makes it easy for visitors to travel between one area and the other.

Along with the typical constructions of Pyrenean architecture, with stone walls and slate roofs, these valleys are dotted with Romanesque churches in their purest form, with magnificent examples of religious art and architecture. For example, the parish church of Sant Lliser in Alos d’Isil, the church of Saint John in Isil or the church of Sant Just and Sant Pastor in the small hamlet of Son. These are some of the most characteristic buildings, and their artistic treasures, many of which are now exhibited in the Museu d’Art de Catalunya (Catalonian Museum of Art) in Barcelona, are among the greatest exponents of the Romanesque period.

Useful telephone numbers

Valls d'Àneu tourist office

Tel.: +34 973 626 345

Alt Àneu Council

+34 973 626 038

Pallars Sobirà tourist office

Tel.: +34 973 621 002

Esterri d'Aneu Council

+34 973 626 005

Consorcio Turismo de les Valls d'Aneu

+34 973 626 568

Valls d'Àneu car hire

Sala car mechanics (Sort)
Tel.: +34 973 620 132

Valls d'Àneu public transport (coaches)

Tel.: +34 902 422 242


Taxi drivers association
Tel.: +34 619 811 516
+34 659 104 575
+34 636 669 621


Coaches - Alsa

Tel. : +34 902 422 242

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