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Baqueira MICE

The guide to “Meetings and events”, so you can enjoy the experience of a lifetime

MICE team

Our MICE team offers a complete service, from the start of the project to the end of the event, with a line-up of exclusive hotels, amenities and activities to turn your events into unforgettable memories/experiences.

Baqueira Beret Office

c/ Afores s/n 25598 Baqueira
Tel. : +34 973 639 000

Voyages Baqueira Beret in Toulouse

39, Rue Pharaon 31000-Toulouse
Tel. : +33 (0) 554 530 520

A world-leading winter holiday destination

2,273 hectares, with high-quality snow and a unique geography with 167 kilometres of skiing: 162 km of marked runs and 5 km of off-piste runs, which make the area a world-leading winter holiday destination.

Reasons to trust Baqueira MICE

  • We have first-hand knowledge of the destination
  • We create unique, custom experiences
  • Extensive experience organising events and conventions
  • We are professional travel agents

8 Reasons to visit Val d’Aran and Baqueira

1. Quality destination

Located high in the mountains, with a long tourism tradition, Baqueira has always offered the highest quality experiences, with premium accommodations and select services for exclusive clients.

2. Circular economy

Our teams work year-round with local suppliers and will help you prepare your meetings and book the necessary services for your event: meeting room, lodging, activities, guides, transport, restaurants, dinners...

3. A world of experiences

The endless possibilities for outdoor activities will let you create a customised and appealing programme.

Spring/summer: rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, hiking, via ferratas, horseback riding, quad, 4x4 tours.

Winter: skiing, thermal baths, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, heliskiing, snow-driving circuit, etc.

Autumn: mountain biking, hiking, thermal baths, cultural visits, tours of the local heritage: architecture, industrial heritage, visits and workshop with artisans, tastings and more.

4. Sustainable destination

The tourist model of Val d'Aran is sustainable. For years, its goal has been to preserve its natural resources, respect the local wildlife and care for its natural sites by promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism. It also controls access to several iconic natural sites, such as the Aigüestortes National Park and the Sant Maurici Lake, the only national park in Catalonia. The valley was the first mountain destination to be Biosphere Responsible Tourism certified in January 2014.

5. An incomparable setting

Val d’Aran and Valls d’Àneu comprise a unique zone in the Pyrenees. The Baqueira Beret resort offers breathtaking views of Aneto in all its grandeur. Pla de Beret is the starting point for several optional activities for your events.

6. Authentic destination

Due to being geographically isolated for years, the territory has preserved its surroundings, culture, language (Aranés) and traditions virtually intact in its 33 towns. This is all reflected in the hospitality of its people and its rich cultural heritage. This protected valley lets you unwind completely, giving you a true feeling of well-being.

7. Cutting-edge cuisine

The cuisine of the valley beckons you to savour everything from traditional dishes such as "olha aranesa", duck cooked in hundreds of different ways, to modern dishes. Either way, the finest products in the territory are used, served in spectacular places.

8. Safe, easy access

The territory is very well connected by road, making it easy to go from the hotel to anywhere else. Three airports within 170 km from the valley provide access to Val d'Aran and Baqueira Beret. Our teams can arrange for your transport.

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